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Terms and Conditions

If a cancellation is received with less than 24 Hours notice, 100% room tariff will be charged.

If a group booking cancellation is received with less than 7 days notice, 100% booking tariff will be charged.

The manager reserves the right to cancel any booking that:

1. They feel the guests may be disruptive to other guests or to staff or management.
  1. Has not arrived by the given ETA
3. Has not confirmed by the method requested.

To protect the "INTEGRITY OF OUR NON-SMOKING ROOMS" Motel St Arnaud will charge up to $300 to the credit card of the
registered guest when smoke odour is detected in a non-smoking room. This charge is to cover the cost of laundering all soft furnishings and carpet.

Motel St Arnaud has a "USER PAYS FOR DAMAGE POLICY". Non-accidental or negligent damage caused by a guest such as scratches, permanent marks, dents or stains to plaster, soft furnishings or carpet will be charged to the credit card of the registered guest for that room to the cost of the repair.


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Motel St Arnaud
5 Melbourne Road
St Arnaud
Victoria 3478
Ph: 03 5495 1755
Fax: 03 5495 1646